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Father's Day Gift Ideas

It’s mental health awareness month this May, but we’ve also been thinking about dad’s everywhere as father’s day is quickly approaching. And we thought we would combine two of our favourite things fathers & mental health. This one goes out to all the father’s we know / have who never take any time for themselves to unwind and relax. This was the perfect opportunity to round up some of our favourite Irish gifts and wellness experiences that would make the perfect gift for those father's who need a little nudge to unwind and dive into a little bit of self care this fathers day. Finnlough Spa & Wellness Trail Finnlough well known for the iconic bubble dome rooms dotted within a...

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Simple Tips For A Sustainable Future This Earth Day

As Earth Day approaches, it's a reminder of our collective responsibility to nurture planet earth, the place we call home. While dedicating a day to environmental action and awareness is crucial, sustainability isn't a one-day affair—it's something to be implemented all year round. We are big believers that its not about a small group of people doing things perfect, but in fact everyone doing their bit no matter how imperfectly or how small the actions might be, that will create change.  

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Gifts Mother's will love this Mothers Day

Mothers, they are our friends, our loved ones, our carers, our role models, the original multitaskers, the queens of chaos management, and the masters of "mom jokes" that make us groan and giggle simultaneously. They're the ones who can find a lost sock in a black hole and whip up a gourmet meal from seemingly empty cupboards. On Mother's Day, it's our duty to give back to these superheroes, and take a moment to celebrate them, appreciate them and shower them with love, not just on mother's day but everyday. This year we can celebrate our mothers while also being sustainable by shopping local from makers here in Ireland to reduce our carbon footprint and supporting local businesses and makers...

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Shop Local Sustainable Gift Ideas

This Christmas, let's unwrap the true spirit of the season by choosing to shop local for our gifts. In the heart of our communities, local businesses are the unsung heroes, each gift they offer telling a story of passion, dedication, and a dream nurtured close to home. By supporting these artisans, entrepreneurs, and family-run shops, we become part of something bigger than a simple transaction – we become contributors to the unique tapestry of our neighbourhoods. In every carefully chosen item, there's a piece of someone's heart, a sprinkle of local magic that turns a gift into a cherished memory. This year, let our presents be more than just tokens; let them be a celebration of the vibrant spirit, culture...

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Shopping tips for a sustainable Christmas

This Christmas, the importance of gifting sustainable presents resonates more than ever. In a season often associated with excess and materialism, selecting gifts with a lower environmental footprint sends a powerful message of care for our planet and the well-being of future generations. This holiday season, let our gifts be a symbol of both joy and responsibility. Here are our top tips for a more sustainable Christmas.

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