Shop Local Sustainable Gift Ideas


This Christmas, let's unwrap the true spirit of the season by choosing to shop local for our gifts. In the heart of our communities, local businesses are the unsung heroes, each gift they offer telling a story of passion, dedication, and a dream nurtured close to home.

By supporting these artisans, entrepreneurs, and family-run shops, we become part of something bigger than a simple transaction – we become contributors to the unique tapestry of our neighbourhoods. In every carefully chosen item, there's a piece of someone's heart, a sprinkle of local magic that turns a gift into a cherished memory.

This year, let our presents be more than just tokens; let them be a celebration of the vibrant spirit, culture and boundless creativity that thrives in the warmth of our local businesses. And to top it off when we shop locally we not only support our local communities, we reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Heres our top pick of local makers to suit everyone on your shopping list this Christmas. 

For The Jewellery Lover

Deeca Design

We used to work with Deirdre Caulfield many moons ago, the creator of Deeca Design. Which is a collection of jewellery inspired by architecture and nature. The collection is made from sustainably & ethically sourced hardwoods, precious metals, and freshwater pearls. Designed and crafted in Meath Ireland, made with hard wearing, precious materials a gorgeous contemporary take on jewellery.


Capulet & Montage

A staple in modern, bold jewellery, and a personal fav of ours. Capulet & Montague is a leading Irish contemporary jewellery brand has gained a strong following among women & men who appreciate acute boldness and purity of design; using a mix of interesting playful materials, colour and combining them with nature. A thoughtful keep sake for any loved one.


For The Wellness Lover


One of our favourite people in the wellness space who is always buzzing and making things happen. Feebee is the creator of forager, she forages and collected weeds, wildflowers and other miraculous things from nature and creates luscious healing balms and cleansers. A gorge new addition is her most recent collaboration with Teelings whiskey. Perfect for any man or whiskey lover in your life.


Gym and Coffee

Believe it or not but we used to have an office across the halls from these guys, and we are so thrilled to see them go from strength to strength. Offering a large range of Irish designed athlesiure gear and delicious coffee, whats not to love. They also have some beautiful gift sets going for Christmas this year. 



For The Home Lover

Fenix Insense

An old friend of ours and the creator of the most exquisite incenses blends. At Fenix, they want to restore the connection that ancient civilisations and indigenous people had with nature and the wisdom they gained from it. They are aware that a plant can open our heart and calm the mind, that the sap from trees can balance our feelings and emotions and a spice can make us feel empowered. For your loved ones who could use a little zen around the house.


The Nature of Things

We recently met the creator of the nature of things, he took the time to tell us about how he used to work for one of the biggest perfume brands in the world. He is so passionate about fragrance it set him off on his our journey of creating the most unique and perfectly distilled essential oils and diffusers to enjoy and uplift your spirits at home. Check out some of his limited edition festive blends for you and yours.

For The Food Lover

The Proper Chocolate Company

You had me at chocolate, whats not to love about bean to bar chocolate. And the couple behind the proper chocolate company bring their passion for cocoa to you. Much like a winemaker seeks out the best grapes, they source the finest beans and carefully roast them to bring out their optimum flavours. When treated just right, cocoa beans release an incredible variety of savours and subtleties that you just don’t find in mass-produced chocolate. For the chocolate lovers in your life.


White Mausu Rayu 

From the master Irish chief Katie Saunderson, we would have attended her pop up dinners in the past. And we are so thrilled to see her beautiful peanut ray chilli sauces take the country by storm. A taste explosion in a jar, taking inspiration from a merging of cultures from her Irish heritage and her growing up in Hong Kong in her youth. Tastes beautiful on everything, perfect for any foodie in your fam this Christmas.


For The Hard To Shop For

The Home Moment

Hand poured by a group of entrepreneuring women in the five lamps district of Dublin inner city. The Home Moment candles come in a variety of unisex, evocative fragrances that would suit every loved on the list this Christmas. Our favourite for the festive season is the mulled wine fragrance. A perfect house warmer gift the winter season.


Waters + Wild Organic Perfumery

Waters + wild was born from a passion for all things natural and from the earth.
Based in beautiful West Cork, Ireland, on the wild Atlantic coast, inspired by the beauty that surrounds them, they use only the finest raw and organic ingredients locally sourced (seaweed, lavender, rosemary and gorse), and from around the world. The result is an award winning range of bold and sensual certified organic perfumes, both timeless and contemporary. A curated collection of unisex fragrances for your loved ones, try their discovery set as a little stocking stuffer.



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