HEYDAY x The Home Moment (Pre-orders)
HEYDAY x The Home Moment (Pre-orders)
HEYDAY x The Home Moment (Pre-orders)
HEYDAY x The Home Moment (Pre-orders)
HEYDAY x The Home Moment (Pre-orders)
HEYDAY x The Home Moment (Pre-orders)
HEYDAY x The Home Moment (Pre-orders)

HEYDAY x The Home Moment (Pre-orders)

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HEYDAY x The Home Moment Fragrance Experience

*Now taking pre-orders for single candles and candle sets, your candle orders will be shipped on the 25th of November*


light to greet the day, enhance mood and encourage clarity of thought.

It’s a weekend morning and you rise slowly. Before the day gets in, before responsibilities or conversations stir you to action, you strike a match and light a candle. Soft scent surrounds and lifts you. Elevating your mood, enhancing clarity, inviting expansion, awakening your senses. A candle created with purpose; each note specially chosen, curated to awaken you.

Perhaps you meditate, perhaps you read, perhaps you simply sit in stillness for a few short moments.

The candle begins the ritual. The candle announces time. The candle begins the awakening.

This is that candle.

top notes: lemon balm, rose and mandarin                                           

middle notes: narcissus and jasmine                                                     

base notes: amber, musk and a touch of moss


light to close the day, to settle, soothe and promote presence of mind

Evening draws in and you start to settle. Letting go of the day thus far, you yearn to relax, to restore, to reflect. The match brings the light and the candle begins to burn; a soft glow radiating outward into your darkening room, the scent fills your senses. Notes chosen to inspire thought, to ground you, to bring you back to Earth. A scent to inspire rest.

Perhaps you close your eyes, perhaps you meditate or journal, perhaps you cosy up with a glass of wine.

The candle closes the day. The candle allows calm and solace. The candle invites reflection.

This is that candle.

top noteswoody amber with incense                                                 

middle notes: soft precious woods and cedarwood                             

base notesvetivert with hints of aromatic wood smoke

Product Details

  • each candle is 180ml in size 
  • Candles can be purchased individually or as a set 
  • fragrances included are "awaken" & "reflect" 
  • 10% scent load for every candle, premium natural soy wax with a cotton wick, comes in a glossy amber glass jar with a silver lid
  • A beautiful scent artefact to gift to a loved one or as a self-care gift for yourself.
  • 30+ hour burn time per candle a 60+ hour burn for a set of two 180ml candles.
  • Each collection comes with a complimentary nature soundscape to enjoy as your burn your candles
  • Each collection comes with a seeded paper card that can be planted in your empty candle jars when finished to watch wildflowers grow at home after your burn 

Please read the safety and candle care page for instructions before use