St. Patrick's Festival  |  Turf Candle
St. Patrick's Festival  |  Turf Candle
St. Patrick's Festival  |  Turf Candle

St. Patrick's Festival | Turf Candle

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Home Fires

Keep the home fires burning. Fill your home with the unique scent of our turf fire candle, a rich and comforting earthy aroma of soft precious cedar wood, patchouli infused with spices, amber, rose, vetiver, vanilla, and moss. Reminiscent of a dusky evening, smoky aromas rolling in across the fields, a tender embrace and shared cups of tea, while gathered around the hearth, the heart of the home.

The theme of St. Patrick's Festival 2022 is Connections/Naisc. Connect your family and friends across the world with a little piece of festival bling, while knowing you are supporting independent Irish makers and creators.

The Snake Motif

The Festival tasked Irish designers Pete Reddy and Aiden Grennelle with reimagining the look of St. Patrick’s Festival in 2020. One of those asks was to reclaim the tropes that represent Ireland and the Irish, to modernise these globally recognised images.

From that collaborative work, the snake motif was born. ‘When asked to bring a fresh look to the snake imagery for 2022, I thought about the myriad colourful processions that stream through the streets at the Parade, of people from every corner of the world celebrating our iconic day, that binding image of communities, of playfulness and excitement. And so multicolour snake came to life.’ 


Supporting Hometree

We are delighted to support Hometree, an Irish organisation who establish and conserve permanent native woodland in Ireland, encouraging land regeneration and biodiversity through afforestation, restoration and education. 

For every piece of St. Patrick's Festival Official Merch purchased, we will donate €1 to Hometree to plant native species such as scots pine, willow and alder. We are honoured to contribute to the re-wilding of Ireland, and in turn offsetting some of our Festival carbon footprint this

Turf Candle Product Details

  • 180ml amber glass jar
  • Silver aluminium screw-top lid
  • Single cotton wick 
  • Vegan wax & fragrance oil
  • 10% fragrance load
  • Candle includes complimentary soundscape experience
  • Complimentary plantable wildflower seeded card
  • Hand poured in Ireland
  • Burns for 30+ hours

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